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Cothi Valley Goats

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Cilwr Farm Tally Llandeilo Carmarthenshire SA19 7BQ click here to see Cothi Valley Goats on a map
Contact Richard & Lynne Beard on 01558 685 555
status: Local
Product: Meat and dairy
Details: Cilwr Farm is situated in Tally, North facing and overlooking the River Cothi. A 50 acre grass farm with an abundance of wildlife. Hedges and woodland provide homes for woodpeckers, red starts, blue tits, great tits and Coal tits, siskin, warblers, pipits and owls. The barns are home to swallows and bats, with wet areas around the farm use by toads and frogs. Buzzards and red kites patrol the fields. We keep a herd of 400 milkers which are mainly Saanen and Saanen X Nubian which are kept for their high solids milk, ideal for cheesemaking. The goats are grazed spring, summer and autumn, weather permitting, goats not being great lovers of the wet! During winter and overnight the goats are loose housed in straw bedded barns. haylage is available ad-lib throughout the year We grow a good percentage of our own forage for winter feed. We have tried red clover lays this year and we are trying peas tares and oats next year. We have recently started to produce a range of deserts for those on a cows milk free diet and for those of us who just enjoy a deliciously fresh tasting desert using local ingredients. We also produce a plain yoghurt which has graced the Food Hall of London shops in the past and is now available at the Farmers Markets we attend and local shops. A wickedly fresh tasting drinking youghurt is also made. To complete the comprehensive range of our goat products, a selection of savoury meals are cooked in the farm kitchen, the most popular being a superb range of quiches. These are made using cows milk free ingredients and our soft goat cheese.The extensive range can be made in special varieties and sizes to order. Also taking pride of place see are the kid meat pies. These are full of kid meat and cooked with a red wine/mushroom gravy. Other meals include Moroccan Kid, lasagne and kid meat casserole

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