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Daren Farm

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Daren Uchaf Cwmyoy Monmouthshire NP7 7NRclick here to see Daren Farm on a map
Contact Sarah Stacey on 01873 890712
status: organic
Product: meat
Details: All the meat we sell comes from animals born and reared on our farm in the Llanthony Valley, in the heart of the Black Mountains. We have a suckler herd of pedigree Welsh Black cattle which are reared on grass and our own conserved forage. The breed thrives on traditional grassland and the meat is distinctive and much acclaimed. The lamb and mutton come from our flocks of Badger faced Welsh mountain and white faced woodland sheep. Badger faced Welsh mountain sheep are an ancient breed, dating back to the 14th century and the hardy and attractive ewes and lambs are ideally suited to grazing the hillside and producing quality small carcasses from grass. Whitefaced woodland sheep are a very rare hill breed from Yorkshire ideally suited to extensive grazing on the Welsh mountains. We also have a small herd of organic British Lop pigs. British Lops are one of the rarest breed of pigs in the British Isles. The pork is tasty and succulent and the crackling superbly crispy. The farm is biodynamic, a form of organic farming developed by Rudolph Steiner. The beef and lamb is fully biodynamic, the pork is registered organic by the BDAA rather than biodynamic as we cannot grow our own pig feed and so have to buy in organic feed. Our animals are slaughtered at the nearest abattoir: James at Raglan for the lambs and pigs and Ensors, at Cinderford, for the Cattle. We sell our meat at Abergavenny Farmers Market (4th Thursday of every month) and at Usk Farmers Market (first and third Saturday of every month). Visitors see map are also welcome at the farm by prior arrangement. If your are interested in buying half pigs, jointed and ready for the freezer, eighths or quarters of Welsh Black beef or half lambs from our flocks of rare and traditional breed sheep, please ask.

The Goat Company

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Daren Farm Llanveynoe Longtown Herefordshire HR2 0NGclick here to see The Goat Company
 on a map
01873 860240
status: local
Product: Fabric, socks, blankets and wool
Details: The Goat Company is located in a lovely remote valley in The Black Mountains. The small flock of around 70 goats, mainly white with a few rare coloured ones live as a family group, although they have very individual personalities. Many of them are top prize winners. Daren Farm is a busy, fully organic farm and the goats can be found grazing amongst native pedigree Welsh Black cattle and Suffolk sheep. The goats kid in February, the adults are sheared twice a year. The fleeces are carefully graded to ensure only the best quality fibre is used in our products. Our selective breeding and management policy aims to produce the finest quality, purely natural products 'from grass to garment'.

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