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Howe Horticulture

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41, Bigstone Grove Tutshill Chepstow Monmouthshire NP16 7EN click here to see Howe Horticulture on a map
01291 629 054
status: local/environmental
Product: flowers
Details: Howe Horticulture is a small market garden and nursery business run by myself ,Bill Howe, with assistance from my wife Pauline. It is based on a field site in Tutshill, which we have been developing since 1996. Prior to running the market garden I was mainly involved in landscape gardening. I originally trained in agriculture at Wye College in Kent and also have a teaching qualification. In the early eighties we had a market garden in the Midlands where we grew salad crops. We have one daughter, Abigail 21, at university who occasionally works for us. Our main output is cut flowers starting in spring with a range of Daffodils through to Chrysanthemums in the autumn. Our popular flowers include Sunflowers, Iris, Asters, Lillies and Godetia, in total we grow over 40 different species. Pauline specialises is using her artistic flair to produce mixed "country style" bunches. We grow a range of annual and perennial flowering bulbs, bulbs in pots vegetable plants and herbs (new this year). In the autumn our field grown Wallflower plants are popular. At Christmas we produce decorative holly wreaths and seasonalbulbs in containers. We try to grow in a manner that is as environmentally friendly as possible. For fertility we use a mixture of organic based fertilisers, home produced compost, green manures and composted stable manure. We keep sprays to a minimum by growing flowers that have pest and disease resistance and encouraging beneficial insects. We find that ladybirds do a good job of cleaning up aphids (they love to breed on Sunflowers). Some flowers are prone to fungal disease so a protective spray on these is used, as is the occasional insecticide application and a Glyphosate herbicide to deal with persistent weeds. weed control is mainly by hoeing, flame gunning, using " stale" seedbeds and hand weeding. Farmers Markets are an excellent retail outlet for us and we attend the Chepstow and Usk markets regularly for most of the year.

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