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S & J Organics

The Organic Cooperativelogo of pear
Contact Juliet Fay & Steve Merritt
Llwyncrychyddod, Llanpumsaint, Carmarthen SA33 6JS
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01267 253570
status: free range/organic
Product: poultry
Details: Golden Welsh Chickens, Ducks, Geese, Turkeys & Guinea Fowl Free range, Additive free, GMO free, Organically produced in beautiful West Wales Steve Merritt & Juliet Fay with their 2 young children have created a small scale organic poultry enterprise at Llywncrychyddod Farm Their poultry has a wonderful flavour which is the result of the organic system they follow and the care & energy that goes into it. What are you Buying?
S&Jís birds: * Live in small groups in mobile houses which are rotated around the farm * Live for 80 days compared to only 40 under intensive systems * Are reared from a day old in accordance with the Soil Association Standards * Feed meets Soil Association standards which prohibit the use of GMOs, growth hormone promoters or artificial additives * Homeopathic remedies are used if necessary * Are free to range over a grass/clover ley as early as a week old (weather permitting) * Are not debeaked * Are dressed on our farm thus eliminating the stress of traveling * Our delivery vehicles run on LPG, reducing the impact on the environment by using a cleaner fuel
Product/s currently available Price Per Welsh Organic Free Range Chicken £5.50p Kg

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