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The Organic Cooperativelogo of pear
25 The Crescent Maesycwmmer Hengoed Caerphilly C.B click here to see Summergrove on a map
01443 815559
status: local
Product: Vegetables, Plants, Batherapy
Details: Summergrove Fine Foods attempts to offer something different to lovers of good food and cooking through its range of unusual vegetables and salad plants. All are homegrown, without the use of synthetic chemicals, and are definitely not what you will find in the average supermarket The range varies according to season and the vagaries of the Welsh climate. Currently, while waiting on this years plantings to mature to cropping stage, we are offering a number of grow your own plants for those cooks who are also keen gardeners. Plants include podded radish (Great in salads and stir fries) and Italian summer squash with fruits which can easily grow to 3 ft. but when harvested at 12 to 18 in. long is a wonderfully flavorsome vegetable. Think tomatoes cannot be exciting? Think again and try Tigerella, the most wonderful tasting tomatoes that we have ever come across. It also looks gorgeous. And, for those who like it hot, growing your own chillies with one of our plants from amongst a range of different varieties is as easy as falling off a log. They are so prolific that you will find yourself dreaming up umpteen different recipes which use chillies or simply deep freezing the lot (the easiest way of preserving them) or pickling them in vinegar for later use. Other plants coming along at the moment include Alexanders, Salad Burnet, Cima di Rapa (a type of broccoli), Good King Henry, Hop (yes can be used as a vegetable) Colewort, Chinese and Japanese salad varieties and unusual herbs. Our full-grown, ready for cooking, vegetables and herbs will start becoming available shortly and yes we have ambitions to produce (hopefully before end of 2006) a small range of gourmet food products incorporating the same. To complement our fine food theme we are also producing a small number of "batherapy" products including Dead Sea bath salts and Bath teas/soaks based on herbs. The products are created using organic ingredients-except for one of two of our formulae where it has proved impossible, to date, to find an organic source for a few of the ingredients included (two ingredients in fact). Formal organic certification is currently being sought for these "batherapy" products.

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